We Are In This Together

A Heartfelt Hello

Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you and your families well during these very unprecedented times. I want to update you not only on what has happened in the world of Real Estate since the Shelter in Place order but also share with you how my family is continuing to cope with our drastic lifestyle change. Here’s what we have done to make the most of our time at home. I would love to hear from you about how you’ve been filling your days.


Staying active both mentally and physically is incredibly important. I have started to wear my FitBit again so that I can make sure I am staying active. I was a little surprised that one of the slower days this week, I only racked up 3000 steps. Yikes! Gotta keep moving! For your mental fitness, it can be helpful to limit your exposure to solemn news updates by finding some encouraging stories. Here’s an article that shares some “Bright Spots” that have emerged in this crisis.

4 Bright Spots Amid the Gloom of Coronavirus – New York Times


I love to cook and in the past struggled to find time to do it as much I would have liked. Now, I am experimenting with new recipes. In the last week, I have made Peach Cobbler with canned and frozen peaches, made Jam from leftover berries and the family’s favorite recipe of the week: Banana Cream Pie from our overripe bananas.

Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Family Time

We are fortunate that our daughters’ teachers have organized Zoom classes and daily assignments. So far the girls have been happy to keep their studies up. We are finding fun ways to spend time together like Family Movie Nights, Driveway Badminton, and finally learning Mandarin together on Rosetta Stone (we are on lesson 3). 😊 One of our favorite things to watch during lunch is Doodle With Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Mo Willems. In his daily videos, the award-winning author tells stories and shares wonderful Art with us!

What’s going on with Real Estate?

Lastly, I want to update you on how things have been in the Real Estate Industry this last week. Like many other businesses, ours has been significantly limited as Realtors are unable to:

-meet with clients face to face
-show properties (unless virtually)
-host open houses
-conduct visual inspections

The official order for us to eliminate our face-to-face activities came from Governor Newsom and the California Department of Real Estate late last week. I have been relieved that our governing bodies have mandated all of us to be safe and responsible community members.

Transactions are still continuing to go through, albeit, slowly. Lenders are experiencing some delays with appraisals and rates are understandably fluctuating as global markets are experiencing much uncertainty. Virtual showings are certainly possible but I am not sure how many buyers will want to commit to purchasing a property without having actually set foot in it.

My job, until the shelter-in-place order is lifted, is to:

-keep you posted on the latest activity in the market
-answer any questions you may have about buying and selling at this time or when things go back to a more normal pace

Time will tell what the housing market will do in the coming weeks and months. I will continue to monitor the activity of the housing market and report them to you. If you are a recipient of Real Scout (a service that will keep you posted on the housing inventory), you will be updated on the latest activity. If you would like to start receiving Real Scout, feel free to respond to this message.

As always, if there is anything I can do to be of service let me know.

Be well and stay safe,

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